Live On Line NEWS explores with Bill Kerig, VP of Site & Sound for about the premiere of GROOVE An independent feature film set during one night in the San Francisco underground rave scene. It explores the complexities of a uniquely 90's subculture through its many characters, revealing how raving is an opportunity to connect with life or escape from it.

Live on Line NEWS talks to Vice President and General Manager of Metreon, Kari Novatney, about the new Sony Entertainment Center . Metreon is four floors of high-tech fun, including movie theatres, restaurants, attractions based on literary properties and nowhere-else shopping.

World-famous lingerie collection, signature fine fragrances and all the most exciting new fashion in every catalogue. The Runway Collection was inspired by the Victoria's Secret Cannes 2000 Fashion Show.

Jessie Jacobs, Festival Director and Marketing Manager for Yahoo Internet Life Magazine calls in from Hollywood and the Yahoo On Line Film Festival.

Rocko Rossi, President of talks to Live On Line News about...Beer?!? Find out who won the nationwide "Battle of the Bands" Contest.

Live On Line NEWS explores the convergence of the movie industry and the Internet. Brandon Calder, CEO of Movie Web gives us an insight to trailers that are now being viewed and tickets that are being purchased On-Line prior to going to the movies.

Live On Line NEWS talks with Stuart Shapiro, President to the On-Line Division at, which represents a network of Internet sites created by established, and well known artists. It distinguishes itself from other entertainment sites by consisting of original content created exclusively for the Internet.

Durant Imboden guides Live On Line NEWS listeners to the best airline, railroad, ferry, tourist office, and other Web sites on European travel.

Cliff Angelo, e-Campaign Manager for the George W. Bush Presidential campaign explains how the Internet is giving the public a broader, more educated view of a politicians position on specific topics and other aspects of their campaign. One advantage of Internet campaigning is that it is enabling voters who would normally miss a television broadcast to see a candidate speak online, on demand, remarked Angelo.

Ben Green, Director of Internet Operations to the Gore 2000 Presidential campaign joins us to explain how having an online presence will impact Al Gore's campaign this electoral year and how it will affect politics in the future.

THE INTERNET: BEHIND THE WEB, Monday, January 31st. Live On Line NEWS gets inside information regarding the industry from Tom Yaroschuk, Exec. Producer.

Listen to William Mutual, President & Chairman of Popcast as he explains the easiest way to share your video with friends, family and the world for free. All it takes is a camcorder, Internet connection, and a multimedia PC... And you're ready to POPcast™ today.

Yahoo Invites - Thad White, Senior Producer explains whether planning a simple get-together or a smashing soiree, Yahoo! Invites is a great way for people to plan events online. Introduced today, Yahoo! Invites gives party planners and their invitees customizable, easy-to-use Web tools to get detailed information for and communicate with each other about upcoming events, and virtually eliminates the need for follow-up phone calls and e-mails.

Ajay Chopra, Chairman of Pinnacle Systems, Inc. talks with Live On Line NEWS about their products that cover a broad range of needs from post-production tools for high-quality broadcast and desktop applications to the miroVIDEO and Studio line of products for consumer video editing.

The Nudist on the Late Shift is the true story of a new generation at the proving point of their lives. Written by the most exciting and authentic literary voice to emerge from Silicon Valley, Po Bronson. A best selling author offers the true story of the greatest creation of wealth in history and of the people in Silicon Valley who are making it happen.

America's digital diva, Tiffany Shlain Director, Founder of the Webby Awards & President of the Academy, Shows you how you can experience anything you can dream.

Steven Johnson, Co-founder and Editor in chief of FEED, Let Live On Line Listeners know... WHERE IS LITERATURE HEADING?

To the cyberactive pioneers of today's Internet, home isn't where the heart's where the computer is installed. In this verite documentary, filmmaker Doug Block chronicles the lives and relationships of some of the Web's most innovative--and eccentric--home page gurus.

L'Micheal Green -Dir. of Marketing C.A.R.E. Cooperative Assistance Release Everywhere, talks with Live On Line NEWS about how the internet has really assisted their efforts.

Howard Tullman the CEO of reveals his insights into the controversy between the music industry and the World Wide Web.

Listen and discover with Live On Line NEWS as we talked wtih Kelly Kimball, CEO & Co-Founder of SDR Technologies, as to how you can research your own political candidates monatary spending habits.

Jeff Weiner, CEO of Rocket talk shows us that you can enhance your email with your very own voice.

Marc Cantor, VP Sales and Marketing for Cyber Oak Software, advises how you can allow your children to surf the net with safety and confidence.

Keith Schroeder author of "Life and Death on the Internet"

Keith Schroeder will explain what you need to know to protect your family,
your privacy, or even a business, from internet-related crimes you not even have known exist. FREE privacy software by request, email:

Young J. Shin, President & CEO of College Edge (now, explains how applying for a higher education just got easier. CollegeEdge is the foremost authority on college selection, admissions processes and career guidance.

Learn what the future of Internet will be ... TV and Movies on-demand! Intertainment on demand - A benefit of High Speed DSL for your intertainment.

vTuner chats with Live On Line NEWS about finding and listening to your favorite radio station on the WWW.

Is there a cyber threat to publications? David Churbuck, editor and chief of joins Live On Line NEWS with insight on publications going online.

Star Wars Episode 1:The Phantom Menace

Starring Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor, Samuel Jackson, Natalie Portman, Ray Park, Ian McDiarmind, Jake Lloyd, Kenny Baker, and Frank Oz Directed by George Lucas

Visit the official site!

Want to check movie times?

The most hyped movie ever!

Matt Blumberg of Movielink let's Live On Line NEWS discover
how to buy tickets online without standing in line!

Interview with Darth Vader and Ben Kenobe

Join Live On Line NEWS as one of the most beloved and one of the most feared characters of the previous Star Wars films share their insights on the new Star Wars prequel - The Phantom Menace. 

Joins us as Adam Rockmore - live from London, England -- Director of Internet Marketing explains how Godiva's Website has enjoyed a 200% increase in online shopping!

A great place for a gift! Simply the greatest chocolates -- now available online for shipping anywhere

Join Live On Line NEWS as we explore the wonderful world of wine online with Peter Granoff, Proprietor and Master Sommelier of Virtual Vineyards ... a great place to visit and discover great food and wine.

Now! Digital online classifieds... for everything your looking for.

eCircles is the simple, free and private way for friends and family to stay in touch, coordinate events, and share information on the Web. Through eCircles, you create or participate in any number of "circles" with family members, friends, or people in your club, team, or organization. These private circles offer features like Discussion Boards, Photo Albums, a shared Group Calendar, File Storage, Gift Registries, and Recommendation Lists.

It is really easy, only a month old and very exciting! Let us know if you like it too!

On Tuesday, March 16th, welcomed Hillary Rodham Clinton to discuss her new book, DEAR SOCKS, DEAR BUDDY. We spoke with Barnes and Noble minutes before the First Lady's historic online Chat session!

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