Live On Line NEWS talks with Ed Whitaker, Marketing Director for Yahoo Internet Life Magazine about the impact the internet is having on real world advertising.

Live On Line NEWS explores the internet industry with Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, Senior Technology Editor of Sm@rt Reseller and welcomes you to the future!

Every day, you read about another industry's time-honored ways of doing business being radically altered by the Web. What makes the investment banking business any different? WR Hambrecht + Co believes the Web can help create a fairer and more efficient market system. In the process, it helps customers capitalize on many new opportunities. Live On Line NEWS explores how small investors can now get into the stock market with Bob Hambrecht, Jr. of WR Hambrecht.

Join Live On Line NEWS and David Bunnell, CEO and Editor of Upside Media Inc.
as the discuss the internet industry's past, present and future.

Women in Technology with Giovanna Dal Busco, Content Director for Ask Jeeves.
Listen to a pioneer in the industry as we discuss the evolution of a key player within the search engine sector.

What Will the Future Hold?

Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft talks about the direction of his company and the future of online information - streaming audio and video content, in his Keynote address at the Streaming Media Conference in San Jose.

Super Bowl Dot Com Advertising
The world is witnessing the convergence and impact of dot com advertising in the real world. Dot com advertising is taking over more then just cyber space but is now invading your home television and the most popular events in America.

Join Live On Line as we review the dot com advertising that aired on Super Bowl XXXIV with Jeff Taylor, CEO of

Focus segment : Women in Technology with Giovanna Dal Busco, Content Director for Ask Jeeves. Listen to a pioneer in the industry as we discuss the evolution of a key player within the search engine sector.

Kenny Kurtzman, CEO of talks with Live On Line NEWS about what it takes to have a successful website with high ticket items.

Listen to William Mutual, President & Chairman of Popcast as he explains the easiest way to share your video with friends, family and the world for free.
All it takes is a camcorder, Internet connection, and a multimedia PC... And you're ready to POPcast™ today.


Join Live On Line NEWS as we recap the Millenium cars displayed at the L.A. Auto Show with Howard Becker of Becker Automotive Designs. Learn how the Internet and other technology is being incorporated into the cars of the future. Your office may soon have wheels!

Yahoo Invites - Thad White, Senior Producer explains whether planning a simple get-together or a smashing soiree, Yahoo! Invites is a great way for people to plan events online. Introduced today, Yahoo! Invites gives party planners and their invitees customizable, easy-to-use Web tools to get detailed information for and communicate with each other about upcoming events, and virtually eliminates the need for follow-up phone calls and e-mails. And, since Yahoo! Invites is integrated with other Yahoo! properties -- such as Yahoo! Calendar, Yahoo! Maps and Yahoo! Address Book -- users have everything they need to get their parties started online.

David Wachtel, Publisher of Bloomberg Personal Finance Magazine speaks with Live On Line NEWS about their magazine and Website.

Ajay Chopra, Chairman of Pinnacle Systems, Inc. talks with Live On Line NEWS about their products covering a broad range of needs from post-production tools for high-quality broadcast and desktop applications to the miroVIDEO and Studio line of products for consumer video editing and their new live, Webcast production tool.


  William R. Sell, Vice President and General Manager, COMDEX explains to Live On Line NEWS, live from the COMDEX trade show at the Las Vegas Convention Center about the growth of the Internet Industry.


Bob Hambrecht of WRHambrecht & Co. explains to Live On Line NEWS how they are leveling the playing field. OpenIPO is a new way to take companies public that gives everyone equal access to the IPO. A bid from an individual has the same standing as a bid from the largest institutional investor in the world.


2Wire, Inc., a leading developer of Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) residential gateway products that integrate DSL and home networking, announced the launch of a free DSL Lookup Service with Live On Line NEWS on the Website. The objective of the service is to help consumers determine if DSL is available to their home or office. The 2Wire DSL Lookup service is the only nationwide, multi-provider DSL service search engine on the Internet.


Christine Peterson is Executive Director of Foresight Institute,
a nonprofit organization working to maximize the benefits and minimize the drawbacks of coming technologies.

Open Source: Foresight supports making software more reliable and secure through Open Source development. Chris coined the term "Open Source software" to communicate these benefits to a wider user base, and now works to increase cooperation within the OSS community itself.


The Center for On-Line Addiction is the world’s first consultation firm, training institute, and treatment center for Internet addiction founded in 1995 by Dr. Kimberly Young. Dr. Kimberly Young's current research focuses on the causes of and treatments for Internet Addiction Disorder.


Catch Chris Pirillo, Lockergnome Editor & Content Wizard, as he describes his FREE Global Electronic E-mail Newsletter.


How is the Internet impacting the movie industry? ZDTV presents: The Cam Film Festival. Join Live On Line NEWS as they explore in a special segment,
The Movie Industry from a new perspective with:

Laura Civiello, The Executive Producer of The Cam Film Festival
Kevin Michael Winterfield, VP of Content and Acquisitions at, The Internet Film Network, Mike Kelly / President of


Look into the future of the internet with Vince DiBiase, Senior Vice President of Sales with ICG Communications

David Beckwith, Senior Director, Search and Directory, Netscape Netcenter announces new search capabilities. 

Moya Gollaher sheds light on how to find the hot spots and events in your city.


Join us as we interview Chuck Kirk, General Manager of Enterprise Communications for GM. Learn how GM is making the Internet real for it's car buyers as we broadcast live from the San Jose eBusiness Expo.


Patricia Smith, PR Director for the California Computer Expo
The California Computer Expo 1999 At a Glance with Live On Line NEWS


Barry Par, Director Internet & Ecommerce Strategies for International Data Corporation forecasts that Internet Commerce will Rocket to More Than $1 Trillion by 2003



Keith Schroeder author of "Life and Death on the Internet"

Keith Schroeder will explain what you need to know to protect your family,
your privacy, or even a business, from internet-related crimes you not even have known exist. FREE privacy software by request, email:


Want to go fast?

Tired of the World Wide Wait?

DSL is Here!

Imagine researching a travel destination, watching a movie clip or shopping online and never having to wait for the Website pages to slowly come up! THE WORLD WIDE WAIT is over! And you never even have to wait for your computer to connect! It is always online!

Listen to this great interview and understand how high speed access can change your life.



Take advantage of state-of-the art High Speed Internet ... previously available only to the Fortune 500. Now high speed service is available to you! Technology changes everything and Internet Express can assist you with all your personal and business Internet needs.



Intertainment on demand, A benefit of High Speed DSL for your intertainment. Learn what the future of Internet will be ... TV and Movies on-demand!


How is the Internet changing the stock market?


Learn how to trade on line!


Join our special guest, Lisa Nash, Vice President of Etrade, the Web's hottest on line stock trading company as we discuss how Internet stocks are continuing to skyrocket. Is there an end in sight?


GEO Interactive talks with Live On Line NEWS about the future direction of multimedia on the WWW.


The battle between the sexes!

Women are emerging equals to men in the race for top level positions in technology based companies. Kathy Domondon of Xerox and the Institute For Women And Technology talks with Live On Line NEWS about shattering the glass ceiling for women in technology.


The New World .... discover what the future will bring.

Join us for an exciting recap of the Los Angeles Internet World Convention 99'


Finally, a searchengine that gives you exactly what you want! The frustration is over!


The Search Has Just Gotten Easier
How many times have you gone to the Web looking for something, just to get frustrated?
Well, no more. Jeff Black, the CEO of Iatlas joins us to tell us a better way to get comprehensive information online.


Business At The Speed Of Thought

Bill Gates gives us his insight into the wave of things to come in his inspired new book. If you are planning to compete in this competitive market, there is invaluable information to be had here. LiveOnLineNEWS special guest Richard Tong, VP of Microsoft shares his views with us.


Go beyond chat rooms and experience community with Joe Galash of OneList.


On Tuesday, March 16th, welcomed Hillary Rodham Clinton to discuss her new book, DEAR SOCKS, DEAR BUDDY. We spoke with Barnes and Noble minutes before the First Lady's historic online Chat session!


Information Technology - The Fast Track

In the fast paced world of information technology, those who excel are sharp and well trained. Irene Kinoshita of Ascolta Training and Chris Goulding of Internet Express join Live On Line NEWS to share their secret to staying on the leading edge.


E-mail With Impact

The days of plain text e-mail are gone if you are serious about getting your message across. Digital Impact specializes in focusing the power of the Web to make e-mail marketing campaigns successful. For just pennies a message, send html enticing messages to potential clients!

The Future is Here

Special guest Kevin O'Hara, Chief Operating Officer of Level 3 Communications (NASDAQ: LVLT). Formerly President and Chief Executive Officer of MFS Global Network Services, Inc., Kevin will help us understand how his company wants to change the world of communications with packet switching technology and the Internet. "We are witnessing a fundamental technological shift, as important as the shift from the telegraph to the telephone, or from the mainframe to the PC," said Kevin O'Hara. "We believe this shift from 100-year old circuit switching technology to the newer Internet Protocol technology will change the way businesses communicate." Join us as we discover the future this week on Live on Line NEWS.

Level 3 Communications, Inc. is a communications and information services company that is building an advanced Internet Protocol (IP) technology-based network across the U.S. that is expected to be completed in phases by 2001. The Level 3 network will be the first national communications network to use Internet technology end-to-end and will provide a full range of communications services -- including local, long distance and data transmission services. "AT&T has been in business for 113 years and has $24 billion invested in telecommunications equipment. Level 3 Communications has been building its telecom network ... and has yet to complete a single phone call. When it does so later this year, it will have something no other major telco can offer: Every single bit of its technology will be shining new." FORBES September 7, 1998 -- Bell Buster Cover Story

Super Bowl Watchers Beware!
So, how happy are you with your job?

Were you inspired to explore the possibilities of a new career by's ground breaking prime time television advertising campaign launched on the Super Bowl? spent more than $3 million dollars to reach potential Web surfers!

Live On Line NEWS discovers what's new with the #1 site for online job search. The Internet is a great, inexpensive way to search for a job and is free for the job seeker. You can even have a personal search agent search for your perfect job. Listen to our interview with Linda Natansohn, Vice President of Consumer Marketing for and visit the archives for our past interview with Jeff Taylor, CEO of


Great tips for great graphics and effects!

Live On Line NEWS chats with Adobe's Daniel Brown, Web Products Evangelist, and learns about
their latest Website design products. Now it is simple for anyone to have a hot, professional looking Website.

Instantly add style to your Website with Adobe's new ImageStyler. It is the powerful new Web graphics software for the creative business user. Create professional sites without the "professional" cost! Download it and try it Free for 30 days.

It's amazing and easy ... try it for FREE!


Who's Assuring Your Access To The Net?
Join us as Art Klein, CEO of Assured Access Technology, Inc., an innovative provider of top quality carrier-class access equipment, shares his insights with Live On Line NEWS. Listen to a behind the scenes, industry professional viewpoint! What will the future look like?

Founded in September 1996, his company designs products for Service Providers with an advanced architecture that is highly scalable.


How to keep your kids SAFE Online
Join our special guest, Theresa Marcroft of Surfwatch as Live On Line NEWS provides invaluable tips for keeping your kids safe online. SurfWatch Software, a division of Spyglass, invented the Internet content filtering market in May 1995. Since then, more than eight million copies of SurfWatch have been shipped or downloaded, making it the most popular, trusted product for harnessing the positive potential of the Internet. Due to its constant, comprehensive eye on new Internet sites, SurfWatch has effective filtering solution has tested to be 90-95 percent effective in blocking objectionable sites. Visit their site for a free 30 day trial.

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